Whether you are a seasoned walker or just beginning a new fitness routine, you need to know how to buy the best walking shoes for your activities. Since there are so many different kinds of shoes on the market today, it's important to be an informed buyer. Following these simple guidelines will help you make good choices.

New Balance 665 Grey/Silver Walking Shoes

First of all, decide what type of walker you are going to be. Shoes designed for walking vary depending on your walking preference. If you are a fitness walker, someone who walks at a pace of at least four to five miles per hour, you will be looking for a walking/running shoe. These shoes are lighter and more flexible allowing the fitness walker ease of movement and extra endurance. Those who are walking at a slightly slower pace, need to have walking shoes for this purpose. A thicker more stable sole offers the support needed for a less vigorous walker. No matter what type of walker you are, the shoes need to be comfortable.

The next step is to decide on what type of surface you intend to walk. If you will be walking on a track, street, or road, the tread on your shoes doesn't need to be deep because the pavement is stable. Mall walking requires a non-slip tread since mall floors are often smooth and waxed. Trails and country roads may have uneven surfaces with dirt and shale coverings. For this type of surface, you need a shoe with deep tread. Look for a pair with nubs or zigzagged patterns to get the best grip. Uneven and natural surfaces can be very slippery and tricky especially for those seeking a fitness pace. Now that you know where you are walking, it's time to go shopping!

Finally, the most important tip is to go shopping in the afternoon when your feet are the largest. It's a fact that gravity plays a part in the size of your feet so plan to buy later in the day. Check out the shoe stores that specialize in selling athletic footwear. Have your feet sized for length and width. Make sure you are wearing the type of socks that are appropriate for your fitness activity, because cushioned socks are going to take up more room in the shoe. Next, try on different brands. Each brand fits differently. It may be that you will need up to a size larger that you normally wear, since you want plenty of room in the toe box. Walk around the store to ensure the shoes are comfortable. As you become familiar with the various brands and styles, there will be specific ones that fit you better. At this point, purchasing walking shoes will be easier and you will be able to find bargains at many locations. Now that you have the information for buying the best walking shoes, get out and get going!

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